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Successful capital allocation in an uncertain business environment requires measuring investment performance across a range of future possibilities.

The mining industry is known for their high levels of investment uncertainty. Yet, the industry evaluates potential investments with analytical processes and tools that often describe the impact of opportunities and risks in the most limited terms.

At SCM Decisions, our mission is to enhance investment analysis in the mining industry and improve decision-making through a Dynamic Cash Flow Modelling approach called Integrated Valuation and Risk Modelling (IVRM). We help senior management demand more from their investment analysis by pushing their modelling capabilities beyond a conventional static cash flow model with a dynamic mining risk modeling analysis.

Our services and analysis extend the standard project characterizations and investment quality measures used in industry to include insight into how a mining project may be managed in the future and quantifying the risk exposure associated with a mining investment.


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SCM Decisions offers public IVRM professional development courses in partnership with leading university mining programs and professional organizations. Register today for one of these future courses.

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SCM Decisions makes IVRM presentations on various leading-edge mine design and financing topics at industry conferences, symposiums, and workshops. Meet with us at the following upcoming conferences.