IVRM Services

Supporting project evaluation and financing decisions with IVRM

Investment decision-making in the mining industry is complex because of high levels of technical and financial market uncertainty, drawn-out investment horizons, competing design choices, alternative financing, and layered government participation. At SCM Decisions, we know the complexity of investment decision-making in the mining industry from long experience. Our professionals are uniquely qualified to help you break down an investment opportunity to better understand how these factors weave together to generate value and distribute risk between investment stakeholders.

We use Integrated Valuation and Risk Modelling (IVRM) techniques to make sense of industry complexity. IVRM is an investment analysis framework combining concepts from:

  • Finance theory
  • Statistical analysis
  • Decision analytics
  • Risk management

to allow investment decision-makers to move beyond a singular future view to a dynamic mining financial risk modelling analysis that considers their investment across a wide range of future possibilities.

Our IVRM services help clients pull apart a wide range of strategic capital management problems such as the comparison of alternative project development strategies, innovative financing structures, and project financing risk analysis so that they can better understand the value and risk trade-offs between competing investment choices.

We are based in Toronto, Canada, and work with mining clients globally.