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SME 2024 Current Trends in Mine Finance Conference

Mining companies are exposed to many risks that must be considered when managing a corporate mining portfolio. Financial, technical, and execution risks uniquely impact each portfolio project, whether these projects are in the exploration pipeline, operating assets, brownfield extensions, innovation projects, or sub-economic resource options. Assessing the risk tradeoffs of…

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2024 SME Annual Conference

Mining companies often group projects in their corporate portfolio into exploration pipeline, innovation, operating assets, brownfields, and sub-economic resource categories. However, it is not often recognized that these groupings have characteristic cash flow risk levels allowing for a useful risk-based representation of a corporate project portfolio. This presentation proposes separating…

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Capital Projects

CIM 2023 Capital Projects Symposium

Mining companies fund project development with a financing package combining equity, debt, and possibly multiple forms of alternative finance. Competing financing packages may have substantially different costs, benefits, and risks due to each package’s distinctive mix of constant and variable cash flows. Dynamic cash flow modelling is a powerful tool that helps…

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SME 2023 Current Trends in Mine Finance

Session Chair: Michael Samis (SCM Decisions) Panelists: Matthew Rosales (Hartree Partners), Oliver Wright (DL Piper), Justin Anderson (Trident Royalties) Mining projects often draw from several financing sources to fund development. There are different costs and benefits associated with equity, debt, and alternative finance that need to be considered when putting together…

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PDAC 2023, Capital Markets Session

Abstract: The capital required to develop a mining project is commonly raised from several different sources of financing. Equity, debt, and alternative financing methods have different costs and benefits that a mine builder must consider when putting together a financing package able to withstand volatile future business environments. This session…

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