About Us

Professional Experience

SCM Decisions professionals have taken the lead on many evaluation and risk management assignments in the natural resource industries.

Corporate development / Investment decision-making

  • Development policy, value, and risk levels of late-stage exploration projects.
  • Flexibility analysis and risk assessment of competing project designs.
  • Development potential of satellite deposits and sub-economic / marginal resources.
  • Integrating dynamic cash flow methods into long-range mine planning and corporate development processes.
  • Corporate portfolio reviews.
  • Value and risk levels of new-technology pilot projects and R&D portfolios.
  • Economic sections of NI43-101 reports involving dynamic cash flow modelling, real options, and risk exposure.

Project finance and taxation

  • Assessment of alternative financing proposals such as off-take arrangements, variable-rate streams, earn-in agreements, forward metal sales, sliding-scale royalties, NSRs, and other bespoke agreements
  • Project financing and their associated credit enhancements such as price floors, costless collars, and embedded commodity price derivatives.
  • Impact of government tax and royalty regime changes on project economics and risk.
  • Analysis of contingent taxation agreements such as profit-sharing, windfall taxes, and finite capital depreciation horizons.

Professional training / industry outreach

  • Professional development courses discussing dynamic cash flow modelling, real options, contingent taxes, and financing through mining university programs and in-house corporate courses.
  • Lunch-and-learn workshops are providing natural resource companies with updates on new ideas, applications, and case studies involving IVRM in the natural resource industries.
  • Conference presentations, peer-reviewed journal articles, and white papers discussing real options, project financing, natural resource taxation, and industry case studies.