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90th Anniversary

PDAC 2022

Abstract: This course’s content is fundamental to exploration decision-making, such as if/when to continue spending, form joint ventures or divest from projects. This course explains and integrates several themes that are absent from other exploration-mining courses and university teaching. Rather than focus on data analysis and precision, this course instead introduces…

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CBV Institute

CBV Congress 2022

Abstract: Valuation is done in a dynamic business environment in which the future is a range possibilities. Value estimates using cost and market comparable methods may work in some situations but offer little insight into how uncertainty about the future influences value. A dynamic cash flow model extends the conventional…

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Capital Projects

2022 CIM Capital Projects Symposium

There are numerous methods of financing mining projects ranging from traditional project debt to alternative financing arrangements directly tied to metal prices such as net smelter royalties and offtake agreements.  A project’s ability to fulfill its financing obligations is often analyzed by calculating the internal rate of return and financing…

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2022 SME Annual Conference

Staged project development is pushed by the mining industry as a means of reducing capital costs and financing requirements. Companies justifying a staged development approach often rely on qualitative arguments and financial analysis that is unable to demonstrate the true value and risk management benefits of this approach. In this paper,…

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IMVAL Workshop: Perspectives on mineral valuation

Greenfield exploration projects almost always have a significant value differential between the value stated in the economic analysis of the project’s NI43-101 report and the junior exploration company’s market capitalization.  This differential may be used to attack the validity of the NI43-101 report and the junior exploration company.  However, these criticisms demonstrate…

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