Designing Project Finance Structures for the Mining Business Cycle

SME 2023 Current Trends in Mine Finance

New York, New York

May 9 and 10, 2023

Session Chair: Michael Samis (SCM Decisions)

Panelists: Matthew Rosales (Hartree Partners), Oliver Wright (DL Piper), Justin Anderson (Trident Royalties)

Mining projects often draw from several financing sources to fund development. There are different costs and benefits associated with equity, debt, and alternative finance that need to be considered when putting together a financing package. This session considers the features of the different financing methods and how they interact within the confines of a larger financing package. It asks how specific project characteristics can be accommodated by a financing package so that challenging market conditions do not lead directly to financial distress and positive market environments benefits are largely preserved to equity. The ideas raised in this session hold out the possibility a financing package that fits the needs and outlook of both project owners and mine financiers. Additional event information is available at:

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